Hello all,

Nice to e-meet you. I am a typeface designer and an artist. After an awesome year out west in my hometown of San Francisco, I'm happy to be back in NYC for 2015. I'm currently in my art cave, drawin da alphabits.

I am a founder and lead designer at Pagan & Sharp Studio, a Brooklyn based type foundry and design house specializing in custom and retail typefaces, logotypes, and brands in a commercial capacity. I am currently publishing fonts with Incubator at Village Fonts.

I grew up in a little town called Fairfax just north of San Francisco, CA, in beautiful Marin County. I attended Sir Francis Drake High, and my Junior year I attended Oxbow School, a semester program for the arts, and that summer I also attended the CCA pre-college summer program. In this phase of my development my focus was on drawing and painting. I was doing mostly figurative work then, but my artistic practice has always centered around contour lines defining negative and positive space. I have always considered myself to be a student of form.

After high school I attended Parsons The New School for Design in New York City where I graduated with a degree in communication design. My thesis project for my Parsons BFA was typeface called Hera Big.

It was there that I studied under Joshua Darden, whom I ended up working under at the Darden Studio from 2010-2012, starting as an intern and working my way up to draftsman. During my time at the Darden Studio I learned the art and discipline of typeface production and honed my aesthetic.

I was influenced greatly by Darden- who stressed the importance of humanity and imperfection. Whereas some designers would seek a rigid apollonian paragon, Darden's typefaces find resonance in a more organic and complex way.

In late 2011 I started Pagan & Sharp Studio with Juan Carlos Pagan. Our vision was a studio that approached design from the bottom up, providing the foundational typographic forms of branding and graphic design.

Our cliental has grown substantially since our humble beginnings to include major players in print, social media, and editorial.